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Are you looking for someone to produce engaging and entertaining content? Or maybe you want a writer skilled in the art of persuasion? Or perhaps you’re looking for someone to write well-researched and informative articles and courses?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’m an attorney-turned-freelance-writer in Arlington, Virginia. I’m equally comfortable writing conversational and engaging blog posts as I am in using evidence and logic to build a case for a particular viewpoint or action. I’ve ghostwritten blog posts, online articles, white papers, reports, and courses.

My training as an attorney also makes me well suited for copywriting. The two fields require the same essential skill set:

— using empathy to get into the mind of someone who needs to make a decision (a customer or a judge);

— presenting your case for a particular outcome (a legal decision or a customer decision);

— anticipating objections and concerns and effectively rebutting or addressing them (such as legal counter-arguments or customer doubts and concerns);

— showing how the action or decision will cause beneficial transformation (in society in the case of a legal argument or for a customer in the copywriting context); and

— weaving in emotional content (such as harrowing human elements in a legal case or a detailed emotional picture of a customer’s problem) because people often decide based on feelings and then justify with reason.



You won’t find my byline in many places because so much of my work has been ghostwriting.

However, if you’re interested in reading samples of my work, you can find a few below, including several from my blog on screenwriting and story design:


NIH Launches Largest Clinical Trial Focused on HIV-related Cardiovascular Disease

NHLBI-Funded Research Centers Target Hemoglobinopathies 

A Reformulation of Three-Act Story Structure

The Case for Writing the Climax First

The Key to Making Characters Seem Alive


Other Projects:

— Writing legal and compliance training courses for Thomson Reuters

— Copyediting a college-level biology textbook for Nature Publishing Group (a division of Macmillan Publishers)



I have expertise in health and healthcare, medical and scientific research, and law and policy. All of these topics are ones I’ve studied extensively.

I’m also an English language usage, grammar, and style nerd. Although I won’t pretend I’m in the same league as Bryan Garner or that I don’t make a rare mistake or type-o, I have copyedited a college-level textbook, and I keep Garner’s trusty tome always close at hand.

Like any good English usage nerd, I am bothered by certain language trends, such as bloggers using “overwhelm” as a noun (for the love of America, please stop!) and people who speak exclusively in business-world buzz phrases (“we don’t have the bandwidth for this,” “let’s circle back,” “low-hanging fruit,” “verbage” (when the real word is “verbiage”)). I’m on a personal crusade to correct everyone who says, “I could care less.” If you could care less, you’re not at your lowest level of caring, which is why the phrase is “I couldn’t care less.”  


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So, if you need help with your content — and want to work with a writer with personality and substance, contact me using the below form or by sending an email to darren @ chasingmacguffins.com

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